Zille blames herself for DA backlash

By Doug Mattushek - 27 May 2019Views : 136

Helen Zille wrote in a column that she shouldn’t have been surprised when the Democratic Alliance turned on her.

The former Western Cape Premier has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons of late, most recently for defining “black privilege” as “being able to loot a country and get re-elected” on twitter.

It’s not the first time Zille has been in hot water for comments on twitter. In 2017, she fervently defended colonialism and the DA responded by suspending her.

"I was suspended, and when this still didn't work, they tried to entice me to leave South Africa,” she wrote in her column for the Rapport.

"The DA even found a donor to generously sponsor their strategy. If I disappeared, they reckoned, the party would at last be seen as 'transformed'".

As such, Zille believes its her own fault for taking up the reins of the party.

"I have only myself to blame," she continued.

“I was the one who saddled and mounted the Tiger. I thought we could manage it. When I dismounted it attacked me. What did I expect?

"I hadn't anticipated one crucial unintended consequence: the more I worked to diversify the DA, and the more successful the party became, the more our opponents accused us of being a 'white party'".