De Lille Hits Back At Her Naysayers After Cabinet Appointment

By Doug Mattushek - 31 May 2019Views : 129

Faultfinders of the former Cape Town mayor “Aunty Pat” were stunned as she was appointed the new minister of public works and infrastructure on Thursday.

The new Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure was not worried by the naysayers who were criticizing her for taking up the appointment to co-govern whilst sitting in opposing benches.

Although she had a tough political battle last year with her former party, the Democratic Alliance. She formed the GOOD party, which earned two seats in the National Assembly after the 8 May elections.

The minister is ready to get to work and is not bothered by those who are looking to criticise her. She remains focused on her mandate as minister of Public Works and Infrastructure.

Mentioning that whilst she has her own brand of politics, she deserves to be a given a chance and people should not judge her based on the past.

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Speaking of her past, her former DA leader Mmusi Maimane wished her well in her role, but also added that he would make sure she would be held to account like any other person.

Referring to the DA as “blue liars”, De Lille said, “Forget about these blue liars. I don’t even want to think about them. I am now focusing on wanting to build my country and making my contribution. They must concentrate on their jobs.”


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