Ace Magashule: 'ANC will regain lost ground'

By Doug Mattushek - 01 June 2019Views : 622

Ace Magashule, the African National Congress's secretary general is confident that the party will regain the ground it lost in the general elections on the 8th of May...

In a meeting attended by the party bigwigs, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, his deputy David Mabuza, and former president Jacob Zuma. The party's NEC convened at the St George's Hotel in Irene, Pretoria on Friday for a debrief on the party's performance in the election. It is believed that this analysis was the only item on the agenda,according to Magashule.

Magashule told journalists in Pretoria that, " The last time we met we didn't have enough time to discuss; we were celebrating. Today (Friday),we were getting a quite intense report on elections, our performance, and the different scenarios we are analysing...why have we performed this way, because in almost all provinces we have lost a seat or two. We are looking at ourselves and analysing our strengths and weaknesses."

Although, the ANC came out of the elections victorious, their majority on the national ballot has weakened, with the party scoring only 57.51 percent of the vote, down from 62.15 percent in 2014.

Magashule, expressed his views on the party's decline, saying that he believes issue like the weather, lack of motivation to vote and too many spoiled ballot papers could be to blame.

"What do we do moving forward? Are we going to keep the social distance and continue going to people when we go to elections? Can we keep that regular touch with our people and address the genuine issues rather than dismissing the issues they are raising?" said Magashule.

Today, the ANC is holding a lekgotla at the same venue to brief ministers, deputies, and premiers on their mandate- with a big emphasis on unity within the party. In the hopes of avoiding "bickerings".

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