No female mayors in Limpopo

By Doug Mattushek - 06 June 2019Views : 167

There has been a big push for gender equality by the ANC, but this seems to have stopped at Limpopo’s front door.

When President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed his new cabinet following the national elections, more than half were women. Following that, Meokgo Matuba, the district ANC general secretary said that the women's league had pleased with the leaders for equal gender representation across all government structures.

However, The Citizen reports that when Pule Shayi was named the mayor for the Mopani District Municipality in Limpopo on Wednesday, he was the sixth and final male to to fill the post. The five other district posts are also filled by males.

"We had hoped this time the ANC in Limpopo would appoint a woman as new mayor for the Mopani District Municipality," an anonymous ANC regional leader told The Citizen.

"This is because all the five district municipalities are run by males. I am disappointed to the core because the ANC has once again proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it doesn't practise what it preaches."

ANC Limpopo provincial spokesperson, Donald Selamolela, doesn’t see any problem in the province.

“The issue of gender parity is a serious matter and the ANC weighs it in a very serious light," he said.

"But when we speak of gender parity we do not only look at the district municipalities. We look further to the local government, council speakers and chief whips and in all government spheres. And I think the ANC has done extremely well in that respect."