AfriForum calls for Zindzi Mandela's resignation for 'apartheid' tweets

By Doug Mattushek - 18 June 2019Views : 236

"Dear Apartheid Apologists, your time is over. You will not rule again. We do not fear you. Finally #TheLandIsOurs", and "They are cowards. You know those unwanted visitors who don't want to leave."

These are just some of the tweets from SA's ambassador to Denmark and daughter of the late struggle icon Nelson Mandela. Zindzi Mandela, posted to Twitter, which has AfriForum hot under the collar and calling for government to fire her.

Alana Bailey, AfriForum deputy CEO believes that Mandela's tweets have "displayed a rancorous attitude" towards white South Africans, and that they add to the "division of local communities" and are unconstitutional.

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In a statement issued on Saturday, Bailey said that: "With false allegations and demeaning terms such as 'cowards' and 'land thieves', she is contributing to a dangerous discourse of scapegoating. Her defence that she is entitled to a personal opinion, shows a complete lack of insight into her responsibility in her position as ambassador."

Bailey went on to question Mandela's interests of those she works for and represents. Adding that she wonders whether Mandela would put in the work needed to repair the damage to relationships and reputation. Which she believes the ambassadors tweets caused.

However, social media is divided: