Ramaphosa: 'On a mission to support young people'

By Doug Mattushek - 18 June 2019Views : 223

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the nation has a responsibility to ensure the flame keeps burning through the youth.

He said that the success of many young South Africans shows that the flame that burnt in 1976 has not been lost. In his keynote address at this year's Youth  Day celebrations in Polokwane on Sunday.

He told the young people present at the gathering that they are the voice of national conscience.

"We're on a mission to support young people entering the labour market by growing new and future jobs by giving them the opportunities to serve their communities and we contribute to the growth of our economy".

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The President added that this support should come in the form of education and skills training.

"If our nation can rise as one and open up opportunities for young people in all facets of society, we will be able to give much greater hope to the young people of our country".

Ramaphosa said the government is committed to providing as many opportunities as possible to young people to enable them to reach their potential.

Remembering those who were at the frontlines 43 years go. The President spoke about the bravery of the youth back then and how the youth of today have taken up a new struggle. A struggle for economic freedom, access to land and education.