Slovakia swears in first female president Zuzana Caputova

By Doug Mattushek - 19 June 2019Views : 297

Sloval environmental lawyer Zuzana Caputova was sworn in as the European Union member’s first female president on Saturday.

Caputova, 45, is also the youngest to step into the position, who surprised observers with a speech that lacked the government criticism she was known for on the campaign trail.

Caputova, known for her community activism, ran on the slogan "Stand up to evil", was largely unknown before she launched her presidential bid in the euro-zone member of 5.4-million people.

She won the March ballot with 58% of the vote thanks in part to voter disillusionment with the governing coalition a year after the murder of an investigative journalist plunged the country into crisis.

"I did not come to rule, I came to serve citizens, and residents of Slovakia, " the liberal politician, who is pro-choice and promotes greater rights for same-sex couples, said in her inaugural speech in Bratislava.

Adding that she offers expertise, emotion and a healthy activist approach.

"So I offer my mind, my heart and my hands," she added alongside family, former presidents, politicians and members of her presidential campaign.

Caputova was among thousands of protesters who took to the streets after journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee were gunned down at home in February 2018.

It is believed that Kuciak was about to publish a report on alleged ties between Slovak politicians and the Italian mafia.