Cyril Ramaphosa shares his dreams of building a new ‘smart city’

By Chanice Jennike - 21 June 2019Views : 816

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his State of the Nation address on Thursday in Cape Town and addressed his dream of building a smart city in South Africa.

Ramaphosa also said that it is time for SA to think about building a “smart city”. The president said that people need to start imagining a country where all enjoy comfort and prosperity.

“I dream of a South Africa where the first entirely new city built in the democratic era rises, with skyscrapers, schools, universities, hospitals and factories,” he said.

The president said that cities such as Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town and eThekwini are “running out of space to accommodate all those who throng to the cities”.

“Has the time not arrived for us to be bold and reach beyond ourselves and do what may seem impossible? Has the time not arrived to build a new smart city founded on the technologies of the 4th industrial revolution?” he said.