Zille to Van Damme: 'I didn't attack you Phumz' in twar

By Oluthando Keteyi - 23 June 2019Views : 829

On Sunday, former DA leader Helen Zille and DA shadow minister of communications Phumzile van Damme were involved in a hectic back and forth conversation on Twitter.

A tweet by Twitter account @Alettaha is what seems to have sparked the war of words between the two DA members. The tweet alleged that Van Damme "was the aggressor + architect of the #PhantomRacism incident in the #VAndAWaterfront".

Zille responded to the tweet by saying she wished "the family would come forward and give us their perspective. But I suppose that are scared of potential consequences. It is hard, in these circumstances, to work out where the truth lies."



Van Damme did not take Zille's response on Twitter lightly and responded to her directly and let know she "will not kowtow to anyone who seeks to invalidate my experience".


Right-wing YouTuber Willem Petzer in his latest video weighs in on the racist incident Van Damme was involved in. Petzer alleges that a woman claiming to be a witness of the racist accident told him that; “Van Damme was confronted by a woman for pushing into the line at the Clicks pharmacy. We don’t know whether Van Damme did push in, but we do know there was a confrontation. After the woman completed her business at Clicks, Van Damme follows her out of the mall shouting at her. The boy that was punched in the face by Van Damme, presumably the woman’s son, came in between her and his mother. That is when Van Damme punched him.”

Van Damme has not backed down from her claims and in a tweet said that "other fools have been attacking me all week. But I won't take it from Helen who gets away with a lot with consequences".


Zille let Van Damme know that "I didn't attack you Phumz. Last time I looked audi alterem partem was a core DA value. We must apply it in all cases including those that involve us."


The twar lasted for some time with ordinary South Africans also adding their input to the conversation.