DA warns Ramaphosa about 'vulture' Magashule

By Doug Mattushek - 26 June 2019Views : 2713

The Democratic Alliance has warned President Cyril Ramaphosa for not taking action against ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule.

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen had some harsh words for Ramaphosa during the State of the Nation debate on Tuesday night. Magashule has been implicated in corruption while he was Free State Premier, yet he and his supporters continue to occupy positions in cabinet.

It is no secret that factionalism is alive and well within the leading party and Steenhuisen reminded Ramaphosa of this fact.

"Mr President heed this warning...Ace Magashule is like a vulture that has flown in fresh from picking dry the carcass of the Free State administration," Steenhuisen told Parliament.

"He is moving against you Mr President, he has deployed his minions into key positions in this house to weaken you, and just like a vulture, he is perched at Luthuli House waiting for that first carrion whiff of weakness that will signal the kill.

"The longer you remain agnostic to the Magashule manoeuvring, and the more you tiptoe around Ace, calling him 'My Boss' and telling us that 'without him you are nothing', the harder you stamp on the dreams of our citizens."