Former ANC leaders slam Zuma's testimony

By Doug Mattushek - 22 July 2019Views : 1853

Several ANC stalwarts have lambasted former president Jacob Zuma claims during his appearance at the State Capture Committee last week.

In a largely farcical appearance in front of the Zondo Commission, Zuma dodged questions and reiterated the supposed decades-long conspiracy against him. In doing so, Zuma fingered a couple ANC figures as apartheid spies.

Former ANC secretary-general Cheryl Carolus, who served office between 1994 and 1997, believes Zuma would say anything to protect himself from corruption claims looming large.

"This man is an immoral, amoral, spineless thug," Carolus told TimesLIVE.

"I worked with Jacob Zuma over the years. I feel quite betrayed by that level of trust that people like myself, comrade [Joe] Nhlanhla. I think that people like comrade Nhlanhla must be turning in their graves at these allegations.

"If he genuinely thought these people were [agents], to actually allow them to become more and more embedded only so he can bank that in his back pocket for his own future personal devious ends. How morally bankrupt is that? You allow your movement, its leadership and the entire people of South Africa to get undermined because you are thinking, 'I'm keeping this information so that one day if we become enemies, I can use it against you'. It's sick."

During his testimony, Zuma also claimed he had knowledge of “secret meetings” that were held in 1990 where a plot was hatched to take him down. Popo Molefe, another ANC veteran, denies these claims, saying the ANC’s national working committee (NWC) was tasked with appointing leaders of sub-committees.

"It did so taking into account the fact that the majority of ANC members had been inside the country," said Molefe.

"Its structures had to reflect the integration of all of them. It also had to reflect the ethnic diversity of the movement. There was no plotting by the NWC.

"In any event, it is ridiculous to imagine a conspiracy could consist of so many people who succeeded to keep it secret for 28 years."

Finally, former minister Siphiwe Nyanda cannot wait to cross-examine Zuma when he returns to the Zondo Commission. Zuma claimed Nyanda was an aprthied spy last week.

"I will cross-examine him in the manner that people who make such accusations need to be cross-examined."