Tlhabi intends to cross-examine Zuma at Zondo Commission

By Oscar Sanders - 23 July 2019Views : 256

High-profile journalist and author Redi Tlhabi wants to cross-examine former president Jacob Zuma at the Zondo Commission in to state capture.

Thlabi rose to prominence for her book entitled Khwezi, which told the story of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, who accused Zuma of raping her in 2005, a charge of which he was acquitted in 2006.

Just last week when Zuma appeared for the inquiry in to state capture, he accused Tlhabi of trying to 'assassinate his character'. But Tlhabi has now hit back, with a released transcript of a legal letter to the commission from the journalist revealing she wants to cross-examine Zuma pertaining to the allegations he has made against her.

Tlhabi's legal team confirmed: "“As a result, our client intends to apply to the commission in terms of Rule 3.3.36 of the Commission’s rules, to give evidence and to cross-examine Zuma in order to counter the allegations made by Zuma and to ensure that the Commission has all relevant information before it so that it is in a position to test the truthfulness of Zuma’s allegations.”