Malema takes aim at Ramaphosa and Rupert

By Doug Mattushek - 28 July 2019Views : 725

Economic Freedom Fighter’s leader Julius Malema took aim at President Cyril Ramaphosa and billionaire Anton Rupert at the EFF’s birthday bash.

The political party celebrated their sixth birthday with a rally at KaNyamazane Stadium in Mpumalanga on Saturday. After some live music, Malema took the stage for some politicking.

"You [Ramaphosa] are in trouble because you listen to white advice,” Malema told the crowd.

“They have surrounded you with white people so that you can reject your own. The EFF has not said as yet that 'Ramaphosa must go'. We have not said that and I'm not saying that today. But I'm saying to him: listen to the loud whispering otherwise you will follow your predecessor and go and look after cattle in Venda.

"Who knew that the ANC would have less than 60% one day? They said they would rule until Jesus comes but look at how their support is decreasing."

Malema also took the opportunity to criticise businessman Rupert, who recently expressed that he may leave the country due.

"Rupert controls Trevor Manuel, Jamandas [Pravin Gordhan] and Tito Mboweni," he continued.

"He says if we don’t stop, he will leave. I’m calling on all South Africans, let us speed up the departure of Rupert."