Rwanda closes border to Ebola-hit DRC

By Doug Mattushek - 01 August 2019Views : 1617

Rwanda has shut off its border with the Democratic Republic of Congo following another case of Ebola on Thursday.

A third case of the highly contagious and deadly disease was reported in the city of Goma, which is home to over two million people. Goma sits next door to the Rwanda’s Gisenyi on the shores of Lake Kivu, home to over 85 000. Many people have jobs and children go to school across the border, meaning the impact is widely felt.

The Rwandan government is concerned about an outbreak spreading in highly-populated areas and authorities reportedly made a unilateral decision to close the border.

“On the basis of a unilateral decision by the Rwandan authorities, Rwandan citizens cannot go to Goma and Congolese cannot leave Gisenyi but are prevented from going home,” a government statement said.

“This decision harms a number of Congolese and expatriates who live in Gisenyi but work in Goma.”

A new report released on Wednesday confirmed that the disease has claimed 1803 lives since August 2018.