Your weekly dose of stress relief: Volume 9

By Doug Mattushek - 05 August 2019Views : 2580

In partnership with Health Grinder, SA Breaking News will be publishing weekly tips and tricks to help reduce your stress levels.

28. Practice Self-Compassion

Give yourself a break.

In today’s hustle and bustle world, we’re always under pressure and short on time. To add to all that, we often expect a lot from ourselves.

So what happens when we fall short or miss something? We blame ourselves and give ourselves a hard time. This causes stress… mental, emotional and physical.

Showing yourself some compassion goes a long way in being more satisfied and less anxious. It will also make you happier overall.

A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality reveals that in 177 undergraduate students, those who showed themselves self-compassion, defined as being kind to oneself during times of failure or pain, were happier, more conscientious, optimistic and less depressed.

More importantly, these same students performed better than those who didn’t show themselves compassion.

29. Reach Out or Call a Friend

Pick up your phone, chat with or go and meet up with a good friend.

Ask for their advice, support or just share what’s happening or stressing you out in life. This also helps.

While this may not be applicable to just any of your friends, good friends will be there for you to talk to when you need them.

In today’s world where we’re all connected, it’s much easier to get in touch with someone even if they’re not nearby.

At the University of California Davis Health System, children who were expected to stay in the hospital for more than 4 days were allowed to stay in touch with their families while admitted. The hospital provided video conferencing software that let the kids communicate with their loved ones.

The availability of this technology resulted a significant decrease in stress for both the kids and their families during their hospitalization.

30. Cuddle with Someone

As humans, we crave for touch, communication and interaction as we are social beings. And once we receive these positive stimuli, our body responds to it accordingly.

One way it does this is by secreting the hormone oxytocin when we cuddle with someone we love.

Cuddling is one of the best ways to show our affection for someone. It has also been shown to lower our levels of stress, reduce blood pressure as well as slow our heart rates.

Oxytocin also inhibits cortisol which is a hormone that’s in abundance when the body is under stress. In doing so, we not only get the positive effects of oxytocin but also slow the effects of cortisol.

This helps us calm down and fight feelings of depression. In addition, we also feel better about ourselves.