DJ Fresh and Malema involved in a spelling mishap

By Doug Mattushek - 09 August 2019Views : 15973

DJ Fresh tried to teach Julius Malema how to spell 'that word' he was fired for, however, it turned out that the radio personality got it all wrong...

The EFF leader directed the term 'mesunery' at those who don't agree or like the content he retweets on Twitter.

The Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema dismissed those who have questioned the content he decides to share on Twitter through retweets with the insult "mesunery".

This led to his spelling being questioned by a man who is definitely no stranger to the term - DJ Fresh.

The term which is usually spelt 'msunery', a word which is a adaptation of the profanity 'ms*nu', refers to female genitalia.

DJ Fresh added his opinion on the word, as it is the one term that saw him get fired from his job as the host of the breakfast show on Metro FM.

Malema responded by saying that rather than misspelling the the word, 'mesunery' is simply the way the word would be spelt in Sepedi, as opposed to Zulu.

DJ Fresh, who recently began hosting 94.7's drive time slot following his dismissal at the SABC over his use of the word on air, responded by telling Malema he was "forgiven" for what Thato had initially thought was a misspelling.

Malema is the second EFF leader to bring up the word 'msunery' recently, although EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu only alluded to the term rather than typing it out.