Hanekom suing Zuma for defamation of character

By Oscar Sanders - 13 August 2019Views : 537

Former Cabinet minister and prominent ANC member Derek Hanekom is suing former president Jacob Zuma for defamation of character.

After EFF leader Julius Malema accused Hanekom of being part of a spy group that wanted to remove Zuma, the former president tweeted that Hanekom, former Minister of Tourism, was a 'known enemy agent'.

This has prompted Hanekom to take Zuma to court for R500 000. Hanekom says the allegations have caused "immense harm and damage" to his reputation.

Hanekom also wants the court to order Zuma to tweet: "On 25 July 2019, I published a tweet which alleges that Mr Derek Hanekom is a known enemy agent. I unconditionally withdraw this allegation and apologise for making it as it is entirely false. I have no basis whatsoever for asserting that Mr Hanekom is a known enemy agent."