Niehaus - 'We are angry with Hanekom'

By Oscar Sanders - 14 August 2019Views : 911

MKMVA spokesperson Carl Niehaus says Derek Hanekom must face the full brunt of the ANC's wrath for plotting to oust former President Jacob Zuma.

Hanekom has been accused of meeting with the EFF in 2017 to allegedly discuss Zuma's removal while he was president at the time.

EFF leader Julius Malema alleged: “Hanekom gave us the list of the ANC MPs who were going to vote with us in the vote of no confidence against Jacob Zuma.

“Hanekom was preparing for formation of a new party if [Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma] won.”

Hanekom downplayed the revelation at the time, saying: “People of different parties have coffee with each other all the time. He is making something big out of nothing.”

Zuma tweeted on July 25 that Hanekom 'was a known enemy agent', for which Hanekom is suing the former president to the tune of R500 000 for defamation of character.

On Tuesday, MKMVA national spokesperson Carl Niehaus said the organisation would rally behind Zuma in the court proceedings.

“We are still angry that a member of the ANC colluded with the opposition against a sitting president. We take a dim view of that,” Niehaus said.

Hanekom has reiterated that he was not a spy for the apartheid government and on the contrary, was a strident anti-apartheid activist.

“I am not nor have I ever been, a spy for the apartheid government," said the prominent ANC member.

“Not only is the statement false, but it is inconceivable that Mr Zuma could have genuinely believed it to be true. Mr Zuma is fully aware of my history as an anti-apartheid activist and loyal member of the ANC.

“When I first met Mr Zuma in 1988, shortly after my exile in Zimbabwe as a result of my political activism, Mr Zuma thanked me for my contribution to the liberation struggle.”