WATCH: SA woman in Hong Kong upset over protest

By Oluthando Keteyi - 14 August 2019Views : 1545

A South African woman based in Hong Kong found herself trending after a video of herself complaining about the ongoing protests in the country went viral.

AFP correspondent Elaine Yu shared images of the South African native kneeling in front of riot police and a video of the woman being interviewed by a journalist.

Protests in Hong Kong reached a new height, last weekend when protesters bought the international airport to a standstill with all inbound and outbound flights being cancelled.

In the video, the South African woman, who's in tears, explains to the reporter that she comes from South Africa and moved away from the country to get away from "this" referring to the protest action.

"I moved from SA to be away from this. SA has this. This is not the Hong Kong that I have grown to love. Everybody in Hong Kong is so lovable and welcoming for foreigners, and to experience this, it hurts me," says the woman in the video.

The video has sparked various responses from South Africans and the international community with many accusing the woman of being ignorant.

This week marks the 11th week of protest since a controversial bill that would have allowed extradition to China. The bill has since been "shelved".