Crazy White Boy releases new track 'Tonight'

By Oluthando Keteyi - 06 September 2019Views : 682

Platinum-selling duo Crazy White Boy, who has previously been labelled ‘The future of dance music in South Africa’, has released a brand-new single, titled Tonight.

Crazy White Boy is the brainchild of South African producers Ryan Murgatroyd and Konstantinos Karatamoglou, who have multiple gold and platinum-selling albums to their name featuring their tracks locally and internationally.

Crazy White Boy started around 10 years ago with a very afro groove, and for this new release, they went back to their traditional straight-up Crazy White Boy! Ghetto Tech!

It’s got that bendy intro with straight-up filthy synths in the drop.

Everything moving forward is different for Crazy White Boy as they no longer live in the same cities, often sometimes even on different continents so they have to plan, come together and take full advantage of the time they have in the studio together.

“I wish we could say this one had a hidden message…. But it's straight up about that young summer love” – Crazy White Boy.

Crazy White Boy are set to perform on September 7 at #HuaweiJoburgDay at Crocodile Creek.

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