Zuma ordered to remove Hanekom tweet

By Oluthando Keteyi - 07 September 2019Views : 535

Former South African president Jacob Zuma has been ordered by the High Court in Durban to apologise to Derek Hanekom and delete the tweet in which he refers to him as a "known enemy agent".

The former Cabinet minister and prominent ANC member Derek Hanekom sued Zuma for defamation of character.

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After EFF leader Julius Malema accused Hanekom of being part of a spy group that wanted to remove Zuma, the former president tweeted that Hanekom, former Minister of Tourism, was a 'known enemy agent'.

Judge Dhaya Pillay found that Zuma contradicted himself in numerous instances in his submissions to the court.

Hanekom has welcomed the ruling, however, Zuma has filed an application for leave to appeal.

"I am pleased that Judge Pillay has ruled that the statement of the former President is defamatory and false and that the phrase "known enemy agent", in the context in which it was used, would imply "apartheid spy"," said Hanekom in a statement.