Backup dancer sues Chris Brown over eye injury during music video shoot

By Chanice Jennike - 08 September 2019Views : 766

Singer Chris Brown is reportedly being sued by his backup dancer who allegedly sustained injuries while shooting a music video for the singer. 

Danielle Griffin is suing the singer for an eye injury she sustained while shooting a video in 2017. 

According to The Blast, Griffin said that Chris' makeup artist Angel had "carelessly and negligently poured fake liquid blood on (her) head without eye protection after assuring her that the substance was safe."

Griffin claimed that the liquid "caused damage to both of her eyes". She now wants Chris' production team to pay. 

The dancer said that the singer's team should have taken steps in ensuring that the fake blood was safe before using it on the dancers. 

Griffin said that the singer and his team "had a duty to properly train its employees and agents on the use of dangerous substance including fake liquid blood when preparing dancers and performers for the music video." 

It is not yet known which video Griffin was hired for in 2017. 

Griffin wants more than $25,000, for "loss of wages including past and present," as well as damages, "including medical care and treatment of personal injuries."