DJ Kaygee denies beating Busiswa

By Chanice Jennike - 08 September 2019Views : 1696

DJ Kaygee has denied assaulting singer Busiswa. 

Busiswa and her friend Marc were allegedly beaten up by DJ Kaygee after he caught them "having sex". 

Kaygee shared his side of the story in a post on Facebook, saying he caught the two in bed together. He said that it angered him to see them on the bed that he "slept on every day". 

“I go in the house and it was unlocked and seems like they decided to do a quickie. So, I entered the bedroom and I caught them having sex on the same bed I sleep on every day," he said.

The post has since been deleted. 

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The DJ admitted to beating up the rapper but denies assaulting the singer. 

"And I did not touch Bisiswa. I was beating up Marc because he saw me at the club and he still had the audacity to go f**k my girlfriend on my bed," he said. 

DJ Kaygee said that he will be handing himself over to the police. 

"Because I physically handled this situation I will hand over to the police."