Pathologist finds Gavin Watson was dead before crash

By Doug Mattushek - 16 September 2019Views : 11509

A private pathologist has found that Gavin watson was already dead before he crashed his car in Johannesburg last month.

The former Bosasa CEO was found dead in a Toyota Corolla on 26 August after he crashed head-on into a pillar outside Oliver Tambo International Airport around 5am. There are still several unknowns in the case, such as what Watson was doing travelling to the airport with no luggage and why he was without his cellphone.

Now, The Citizen reports that the family hired a private investigator and forensic pathologist, who issued a report to the family saying that Watson had passed before the impact of the accident, ruling out suicide.

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"We have five seconds of data from the vehicle before the accident, and we know the vehicle was travelling somewhere between 80-100km/h for five seconds before the accident," an anonymous family member confirmed with The Citizen.

"The vehicle's speed was constant over these five seconds, and did not accelerate. As such, reports that the vehicle was accelerating, and that it was travelling at a 'massive speed', are both confirmed to be false from the data of the vehicle.

"From Gavin's body, a number of observations have been communicated to us. Gavin didn't appear to have any significant blunt force trauma to his face or head from the accident, with very minimal bruising.

"There was no evidence of his own medications being in his system, but we are still waiting on the state for toxicology results for the presence of poisons, etc.

"There is another thing that occurs in accidents: What they call brush abrasions. There are similar to carpet/grass burns on the body … what they call parchment abrasions. Generally these seep blood and tissue fluid, but Gavin's were dry.

"Those factors: no significant blood in the chest cavity, no significant blood from the neck, and dry brush abrasions, seemed to confirm what the pathologist suspected … that Gavin was dead or that his heart was not functioning already before impact."