Buhari in SA: Ramaphosa expresses deep regert at xenophobic violence

By Doug Mattushek - 03 October 2019Views : 698

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the issue of xenophobia during Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to South Africa.

Ramaphosa was speaking at the Union Buildings in Pretoria when he apologised for the wave of violence that saw Nigerians flee Mazansi in droves.

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"This session has provided us a platform to re-energise and further deepen our political, trade, investment and people-to-people relations," said Ramaphosa.

"The progress that we made today is encouraging and lays a firm basis for future relations. 

"In the course of our discussions, and through various high-level engagements, we have had an opportunity to reflect on the public violence that took place in South Africa a few weeks ago. 

"As the Government of South Africa, we have expressed our deep regret at the attacks directed at foreign nationals and our condemnation of all forms of intolerance and acts of violence. 

"We are committed to addressing the genuine concerns of our people around poverty, unemployment, crime, drugs and migration. We are equally committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that all those involved in criminal activities, regardless of their nationality, are prosecuted. 

"We welcome the willingness of the Government of Nigeria to work with us to address these challenges."

Buhari’s visit marks the 20th anniversary of the Bi-National Commission that was established in 1999.