Helen Zille aims for top DA position

By Oluthando Keteyi - 05 October 2019Views : 437

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) head Helen Zille has announced that she has submitted her name for nomination to be the party's next federal executive council (FedEx), chairperson.

Zille said she submitted the nomination form after 'careful consideration and consultation' and "after being approached by various senior leaders throughout the week."

"In recent, months, the DA has been through a period of turmoil and distress," said Zille in her Facebook post.

The former party leader in her post said that if she is elected as Chairperson of the Federal Council her "objective will be to support the leadership in its goal of stabilising the party and getting it back on track."

The election will be held in October. James Selfe held the position of chairperson for more than two decades.