Cape Flats suburb undergoes transformation following increase in policing

By Doug Mattushek - 09 October 2019Views : 526

The Cape Flats suburb of Bonteheuwel, once a gang-ridden crime hotspot, has been turned around thanks to an increase in police officers.

The introduction of 100 new law enforcement officers combined with raids on suspects homes have resulted in a vast decrease in crime, according to ward councillor Angus McKenzie.

The Cape Argus reports that children were walking to school and back without incident and local businesses were thriving. Over 900 homes have been raided since July, 8641 individuals searched and 110 arrested.

"A community once held hostage by gangsters and gang activity, and crippled with fear by the sound of bullets ringing all day, every day has seen and experienced a miracle of transformation," McKenzie told the Cape Argus.

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However, Bonteheuwel community activist Henriette Abrahams believes there is still more work to be done, as the area is not totally deviod of crime.

"Even though we have seen a decrease in our murder rate in our area, we still have a situation where we find a displacement of crime," said Abrahams.

"These people work office hours and have a few operations over mainly weekends, but not in the late night and early morning, when crime is taking place."