Somizi on his mom's R79k gift: 'She helped me when my house was going to be repossessed'

By Chanice Jennike - 09 October 2019Views : 31656

Somizi Mhlongo opened up about the reason her decided to surprise his mom with R79 000 on her 79th birthday. 

Somizi shared the special celebration with his fans on the last episode of Living The Dream With Somizi season four. 

On the show, Somizi said that for each big birthday, he would buy his mom many cakes to celebrate her life.

The Idols SA judge left fans shook when he surprised his mom with R79 000. 

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"There was a time that I was broke and my house was about to be repossessed and my car was about to be reposessed. I was in arrears and I needed to pay a bond."

"I called my mom and said 'Mom, things are bad'. She changed, flew to my rescue and gave me R30 000," he said. 

Somizi said that his mom refused to let his house be repossessed, so she helped him immediately without asking any questions. 

"So this time, I wanted to give her a gift that is so special. I put money in her box and offered her R1000 for every year of her age," he said.